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"When I sing, act, dance, or speak, I want you to feel something. I want to inspire you to take action somehow. I want to make a difference and motivate you to make a difference in your circle of influence as well."                                                                 - Molly Oldham

A Little About Molly

Currently, in her final year at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Molly Oldham is originally from Akron, Ohio, also home to LeBron James, the Goodyear Blimp, and Swenson Burgers.   Molly was bit by the musical theater bug when she stepped on stage with her older sister Jordan, at the age of five and was cast in OKLAHOMA!  She spent her summers on stage, in the pool, and on the soccer field. She is a 10-year member of the ETC Show Choir, who trusted her with a microphone in her hand. Molly found ways to be involved in unique aspects of performing all through high school, from being the President of her Drama Club to being dance captain in her show choir, to dressing as Moana at birthday parties and parades, to producing and choreographing Synchronized Swimming Shows at the local swim club, to being a backup singer in a touring adult rock band, to dancing with residents of the local nursing home. 

She was accepted to her dream school as one of six, in the inaugural Musical Theater cohort at UNC Greensboro under the Direction of her beloved director, Dominick Amendum.  Unexpectedly, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer, Stage 3 Anaplastic Ependymoma on the day she was to move to North Carolina.  After a 7-hour surgery at Akron Children's Hospital to remove a tennis ball size tumor, she woke up from surgery singing.  She endured 33 rounds of daily Proton Radiation, bolted to a table at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, and months of rehabilitation while attending a local community college.   Finally arriving in North Carolina for the Spring semester,  seizures and Covid joined forces to send her back home and slow her down. It is during this time that she began using her VOICE to advocate, build awareness and fundraise to fight pediatric cancer.  From speaking to the Governor of Ohio to appearing on ABC THE VIEW for Brain Cancer Awareness Month to singing the National Anthem for the NHL Hockey Fights Cancer Nights, she has found true purpose.

Molly was able to start her Sophomore year with her cohort, only to relapse.  Transferring care to Duke Medical, she endured another grueling surgery but was able to remain a part-time student while enduring more radiation, immunotherapy/chemotherapy, and recovery.

Continuing to use Performing as a vehicle for advocacy, she professionally recorded her own original song, Mighty in Me, with Cancer Can Rock, she has Climbed the Hill in Washington DC to speak to changemakers and politicians, she collaborated with WISHES CAN HAPPEN to throw a Gratitude Gala on her 21st birthday to raise over $50K for various cancer organizations locally and nationwide, and she continues to affect positive change by formalizing her own non-profit called TMI, The Molly Impact "You Can Never SHARE too much", where she provides resources to cancer patients aged 16-24.

In September of 2022, Molly had her 3rd brain surgery to remove what doctors thought was a 2nd relapse.  Although the recovery was tougher this round,  the tumor was not cancerous.  Although the radiation caused the tumor, we know that it is the same radiation that worked to keep cancer away!

Molly credits music, her medical team, her family, and her friends and the kindness of strangers for having today and for being able to have many more tomorrows.

Let’s Work Together

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